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Preliminary Program of the 18th Workshop Higher Education Management

We’ve recieved great submissions to our call for papers for the 18th Workshop of the Scientific Commission Higher Education Management (Wissenschaftliche Kommission Hochschulmanagement im VHB). See the preliminary program here.

If you want to join the workshop, you’re heavily invited to contact us (please use this form).

It is a tradition on this blog to prepare a wordcloud from accepted abstracts if we host a conference. So here we go again: Abstracts-WK-HSM

Keywords in Organization and Management Studies II

As reported in my last post, we’re currently analyzing keywords of articles in organization and management journals. I used wordle to provide a first visual summary for our blog. The “top500” wordcloud detailed hardly any methods. The new wordcloud below is exclusively based on keywords with methodological classifications and shows their “top250” terms. It seems, stochastic models and regression analyses are most frequently indexed.


Keywords in Organization and Management Studies I

Wordclouds are a nice a tool to visualize textual information. We already used it to summarize the papers of our EURAM track, and the abstracts of our workshops at Hamburg, and Lüneburg.

Our current bibliometric study includes over 85.000 articles from approx. 170 management journals published between 2000 and 2013. The wordcloud below shows the top 500 keywords used in these articles. In the end, it looks like studying organization and management is all about performance. Related concepts, e.g. firm performance or competitive advantage are also among the top 500. Another important subject includes keywords such as knowledge, information, technology, and innovation. Behavioral constructs, e.g. trust, satisfaction, or commitment are also among the most visible attributes of articles, although of less significance. Methods are hardly indexed in the top 500 wordcloud.


Strategic Change and Organizational Transformation: The Workshop’s Abstracts

The workshop on strategic change and organizational transformation in higher education institutions will take place next week. As for our last workshop, we generated a word cloud of the program. Besides the core themes of strategy and change, students, resources, markets, as well as management and leadership issues are of high relevance in the abstracts. So is research. Rankings are of minor significance.


EURAM 13th Annual Conference, 26 – 29 June 2013, Istanbul

As announced earlier, we have organized a track entitled “Universities as Democratised Organisations: Bringing Organisation Research Back to University Governance” at the 13th EURAM Annual conference in Istanbul, with the conference theme “Democratising Management”. Click here for the program of our track. EURAM is one of the biggest conferences in Management and Organization Studies. Besides the circumstances in Istanbul, which some people might have convinced to cancel their coming, other tracks lacked of commitment participating the sessions. However, we faced a continuous attendance of nearly the whole group allowing intense exchange and to develop a community. Overall, the track has been a great success because of interesting presentations and discussions. And here is a small wordcloud of the submitted papers to give you an impression what Track 61 at EURAM was about..


The Workshop’s Abstracts

Here are the abstracts for this weeks workshop “Organization Turn in Higher Education Research”. Well, not exactly the full 15 pages.. It’s a wordcloud to give you an idea of the presentations at a glance. It’s pretty obvious that measurement issues are of high interest in the current discourse on organizing universities.