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CfP: 18th International Conference on Higher Education

Here’s a call for contributions for the 18th International Conference on Higher Education. The scholarly conference provides an interdisciplinary forum for researchers, practitioners and educators to discuss recent trends and and developments in the field of higher education. All accepted papers are published in conference proceedings and can be submitted for publication in a special issue. The conference takes place on April 19-20, 2016 in Boston. Submission deadline is October 19, 2015. For more information, visite the conference’s website.

CfP: German Association for Higher Education Research (GfHf)

The 11th Annual Conference of the German Association for Higher Education Research (Gesellschaft für Hochschulforschung GfHf) has announced its call for papers. The conference takes place on April 06-08 2016 at the Bavarian State Institute for Higher Education Studies and Planning (IHF).

The main theme is “New forms of governance in universities and research institutes: Current state of research and future perspectives”. Sub themes are (1) Opportunities and limitations of state involvement (2) External governance (3) Academic self-governance (4) Hierarchical self-governance (5) Competition.

Abstracts (500 Words) shall be submitted until December 8th 2015 to gfhf-2016@ihf.bayern.de. Find the full call for papers here (in German).

CfP: Excellence for everyone!? Citizen science, universities, and science shops – a peak ahead

On very short notice: On November 6-7 2015, the university of applied sciences in Oldenburg organizes a conference, titled “Excellence for everyone!? Citizen science, universities, and science shops – a peak ahead.” Submission deadline has been extended until July 15th. Find the call for papers on this interesting topic here (document in German language).

CfP: The Higher Education Conference @ Amsterdam

On July 13-15th 2016, several European societies for higher education research (see GfHf for the German pendant) are organizing a conference at Amsterdam. Here’s a short abstract:

“Given the multi-level nature of the issues at stake within higher education, representatives of major EU and US networks of higher education researchers decided to combine their expertise and organize this joint conference in the Summer of 2016 at the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. Also a number of national higher education associations are actively involved. Particular purpose of this conference is to unite the macro, meso and micro levels of higher education research, therefore covering the scholarship of learning, teaching and organizing.”

Submission deadline is January 15th 2016. See the website for more information.

CfP: Macht (in) der Wissenschaft: Kritische Interventionen in Wissensproduktion und Gesellschaft 13.-14. November 2015

Wissensproduktion und gesellschaftliche Transformation sind eng miteinander verbunden: Bei der Deutung und Kritik sozialer, wirtschaftlicher, ökologischer und politischer Entwicklungen wird der Wissenschaft eine Schlüsselrolle zugeschrieben. Indes ist Wissenschaft nie losgelöst von ihren gesellschaftlichen Kontexten und den darin verankerten Macht- und Herrschaftsverhältnissen denkbar. Gesellschaftskritik und Wissenschaft zu verbinden bedeutet daher auch, jene Verfahren zu reflektieren, die zur Analyse sozialer Phänomene eingesetzt werden und die letztlich die Grundlage für Gesellschaftskritik seitens der Wissenschaft darstellen. Wissenschaftliche Erkenntnismethoden konstituieren oder verändern einerseits den Forschungsgegenstand und bedingen andererseits die Art von Wissen, die produziert wird. Die ontologische und epistemologische Struktur von Wissensgenese ist nicht gegeben, sondern durch gesellschaftliche Herrschaftsverhältnisse bedingt. Dies wirft grundsätzliche Fragen auf: In welcher Form und auf welchen normativen Grundlagen kann Wissenschaft Kritik an der Gesellschaft und Gesellschaft Kritik an der Wissenschaft üben? Wie lassen sich kritische Perspektiven auf die Rolle der Wissenschaft in gesellschaftlichen Prozessen entwickeln? Welche Rolle spielt dabei die methodologische und ethische Reflexion der eigenen Vorgehensweisen? Ist Forschungsethik ein adäquates Instrument, um historisch gewachsene und normalisierte Macht- und Herrschaftsverhältnisse zu hinterfragen und aufzubrechen? […]
Deadline für die Einreichung: 01. Juli 2015

Quelle des Auszugs und Informationen: http://www.normativeorders.net/de/veranstaltungen/nachwuchskonferenzen

CfP: Special Issue in Strategic Organization

The journal “Strategic Organization” announced a call for papers for a special issue on “Strategic Management Theory and Universities.” Guest editors are Donald Siegel and David Teece. Deadline for submission of manuscripts is December 31st 2015. See the call for papers for more details.

CfP: Working Papers in Higher Education Studies (WPHES)

We would like to inform you about a new call for papers in higher education studies.

WPHES is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access e-journal of working papers, stemming from the Erasmus Mundus Programme Master in Research and Innovation in Higher Education (MaRIHE) and the Master Programme in Higher Education Studies and Development (MHESD). The series intends to stimulate debate and exchange of research ideas that are in an early stage of development.
WPHES focuses on studies in higher education, and publishes research articles that explore the topic from a broad array of academic disciplines, methodologies, and perspectives. They particularly encourage submissions of research that discuss current changes and interactions within the ‘knowledge triangle’ of research, innovation and higher education. Suggestions for special issues on particular topics as well as contributions in the form of book reviews are also welcome.
While authors from any stage of their career are welcome for submission, the series intends to incorporate and develop papers from emerging authors, providing a space for post-graduate students, early-career researchers, academics and young professionals to present their ‘works in progress’ to a broad readership and connect with established experts.
Full papers for the next issue should be submitted by 30 April 2015. Submissions should be made via our website and adhere to the prescribed style guidelines.
Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact wphes@wphes-journal.eu


CfP: Symposium of Public Administration Review

The topic of the symposium is “Institutional Design Frontiers of Publicness and University Performance”.

Guest Editors are Derrick Anderson from Arizona State University and Andrew Whitford from University of Georgia.

“Issues of organizational theory and institutional design increasingly transcend the boundary between theory and practice in complex social enterprises especially higher education. For example, as the federal government advances a program to create a new college rating system, the stated ambition of making access to public resources contingent upon institutional performance a host of important administrative, policy and design considerations are manifest. Similarly, as new organizational forms emerge in the realm of higher education and new public policies aim to protect public investments therein, questions rise relative to the attributes of organizations that promote and stifle public value.

Symposium topics include: Institutional setting and “Dimensional publicness” in higher education; public, private and for-profit sector differences in higher education, public value assessments of university performance, and the evolution and future of institutional design of in higher education.

Insights from perspectives beyond public administration, including (but not limited to) economics, organizational studies, sociology and higher education are welcomed in as much as they sufficiently integrate consideration of relevant public administration and policy themes. A special emphasis is placed on empirical contributions, both qualitative and quantitative, but conceptual papers will be considered.

Manuscripts are due by June 15,2015 to the coordinating guest editor at derrick.anderson@asu.edu. After initial screening, authors of selected manuscripts will be invited to submit directly to PAR’s Editorial Manager for double-blind review. Final decisions will be made by the journal after full peer review. Authors should follow PAR’s style guidelines.”

CfP: Herbsttagung der DGS-Sektion Wissenschafts- und Technikforschung in Kooperation mit der Forschungsgruppe Wissenschaftspolitik am WZB

Am 8. und 9. Oktober 2015 findet in Berlin eine von der DGS und dem WZB initiierte Tagung zum Thema „Einheit trotz Vielfalt? Die Diversität der Wissenschaft als Herausforderung für die Forschung“ statt.

Abstracts für Vortragsbeiträge im Umfang von ca. 500 Wörtern können bis zum 15. Mai 2015 eingereicht werden.

CfP: 8th Annual UK & Ireland Conference of the higher Education Institutional Research

On Thursday 10th and Friday 11th September 2015 the 8th Annual UK & Ireland Conference
of the higher Education Institutional Research Network takes place at the University of the West of Scotland, Paisley Campus PA1 2BE, Scotland, UK. The topic of the 2015 conference is: “The Stories We Tell: Using institutional research to enhance policy, practice and Engagement.”

Abstracts can be submitted until March 27th 2015.

For further Informations about the speakers, the different tracks dealing inter alia with “Performance and Impact” or “Institutional Management” and the submission formats take a look at  http://www.uws.ac.uk/heir2015/#.VOg8ui4l-Wk.

CfP: Conference on Academic Entrepreneurship, and Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Attached, you find the call for papers for a conference at International Centre for Higher Education Research, University of Kassel, Germany. It takes place on April 11th-12th, 2016 and is organized by Guido Bünstorf, Georg Krücken, and Christian Schneijderberg. Confirmed Keynote Speakers are Aldo Geuna (Torino) and Walter W. Powell (Stanford).

Deadline for submission of abstracts (500 to 1000 words) is October 05th, 2015.

CfP: Sociology of Assessment – Workshop at the University of Bremen

The Institute of empirical and applied sociology (EMPAS) of the university bremen hosts a workshop dealing with the sociology of assessment.

In the light of the increasing relevance of assessment procedures in all societal spheres several sociological approaches analyze processes and practices of assessment and related phenomenons like categorizing, comparison and measurement. These approaches can be subsumed under the umbrella term sociology of assessment.

The Initiators of the Workshop want to bring together assessment-researchers of different social scientifical contexts. They aim at stimulating a discourse between researchers of different disciplines, expanding individual research perspectives and developing a comprehensive research-agenda for a sociology of assessment.

Researchers of different contexts are welcome to submit Proposals ( 2 pages) concerning practices of assessment, organisation and assessment, society and assessment or limitations of assessment. Proposals can be submitted until 15th April 2015. For further Informations take a look at the Call for Paper.           

The European Higher Education Society invites to the 37th Annual EAIR Forum in Krems

From Sunday 30 August 2015 until Wednesday 2 September 2015 the Danube University of Krems is hosting  the 37th Annual EAIR Forum in Krems, Austria.

The theme of the 2015 EAIR Krems Forum is “From here to there: Positioning Higher Education Institutions”. It will address the importance of positioning higher education institutions for the future and deal inter alia with strategic profiling and new types of institutions in higher education.

Researchers, managers, administrators and policy makers are invited to submit proposals for presentations and posters that should be designed to contribute to one of the seven tracks dealing inter alia with governance and leadership and institutional research.

Informations about how to submit proposals, the focus of the tracks and the programme commitee can be found here and in this PDF.

Paper proposals can be subimtted until Monday 9 February 2015 (23:59 hrs. CET).

CfP: Governance, Performance & Leadership of Research and Public Organizations

Our colleagues from Munich are organizing a conference on “Governance, Performance and Leadership of Research and Public Organizations” on the 15th and 16th of July, 2015. Deadline for abstracts (500 words) is on February 17th. Find the full call for papers here (German or English).

CfP: EURAM Conference – Track on Institional Resistance, War of Positions and Power Maintenance

Next year’s annual conference of the European Academy of Management (EURAM) takes place in Warsaw (Poland) on 17-20 June. Topic 3: “Institutional Resistance, War of Positions and Power Maintenance” explicitely adresses research on higher education.

“The third area of resistance refers to the very place in which knowledge is created and
legitimated: academia. European academic institutions are in the middle of a transition
pointing at a complete rethinking of the concepts of accountability, merit, responsibility and
value. A hegemonic point of view represents current European model as surpassed and deeply
inefficient. Colonial and west‐centric rhetoric of scientific production forces conformism and, in
the same time, stimulates debate and a necessary intellectual resistance.”

The call invites papers from all disciplinary backgrounds, though the listed literature has a strong sociological aspect (Bourdieu, Deleuze, …). I find the topic very interesting and relevant for understanding current movements in continental Europe against New Public Management and its related performance-management techniques.

CfP: Annual Conference of the Scientific Commission Higher Education Management

On the 20th and 21st of February 2015 the annual conference of the Scientific Commission Higher Education Management (Wissenschaftliche Kommission Hochschulmanagement im VHB) takes place at the University Duisburg-Essen (Campus Duisburg). Abstracts (max. 1000 words) of articles dealing with the management of higher education institutions can be submitted until the 15th December 2014. Among the areas of interest are:

  • Measurability of research performance
  • Open Access
  • Rankings of scholars, universities and journals
  • New forms of governance at state universities

For further information and a complete overview of the areas of interest take a look at the call for papers (only in German).

CfP: The Future of Scholarly Communication in Economics

The Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW) and the Leibniz Information Centre for Economics (ZBW) are organizing a workshop on the topic “The Future of Scholarly Communication in Economics”. The event will be held in Hamburg on March 30-31, 2015. Approximately 8 papers will be selected for presentation. Mark Armstrong (Oxford University) will deliver a plenary talk.

The journal “Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal” is planning to publish a special issue related to the workshop. For the workshop, the committee invites researchers from economics and other disciplines to submit related empirical and theoretical contributions. Among the areas of interest are:

  • Pros/cons of the review process, and new ideas for improvements
  • Different methods to measure reputation
  • Impact of open access on the publication market
  • Inclusion of research data in the publication process
  • The changing role of publishers, libraries, and scientific communities
  • The potential of social media tools (blogs, wikis, twitter, facebook etc.) in scholarly communication

Submission deadline: November 30, 2014 (completed or draft papers preferred). Find the call for papers here.