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Beginning in September 2011, the project Multi-Level Governance of Resource Portfolios in Higher Education Institutions has officially been launched. The project itself is a collaborative effort of the Chair of Organization and Management (Prof. Dr. Jetta Frost) at the University of Hamburg and the Chair of Strategic Management (Prof. Dr. Markus Reihlen) at the Leuphana University Lüneburg. It is generously funded by the BMBF.

Since the project is situated in Germany and concerned with the governance of German Higher Education Institutions, it is obvious that the research should be mostly in German, too. However, we are first and foremost scholars of management science and organization theory, which is why English is our weapon of choice when it comes to international scholarly publications. Therefore, most of the posts to follow will be in English, as most of our research will be. Some posts will nonetheless be in German, and maybe even some research to come.

In brief, we welcome you to our weblog where we’ll keep you posted about the project and all respective research. Rock ‘n’ Research!

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