Here’s a list of publications and presentations related to the projects. For information on individual publication records, visite the respective author’s website.

Journal Articles

  1. Hattke, F., Bögner, I., & Vogel, R. (2018): (Why) Do You Trust Your Reviewers? Influence Behaviors, Trustworthiness, and Commitment to Peer Review. Managementforschung (MF) 28(1), 61-86.
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  4. Frost, J. & Hattke, F. (2018): Governing Collective Action – the Impetus for University Commons. European Review 26(S1), 70-84.
  5. Woiwode, H., Frost, J. & Hattke, F. (2017): Hochschulleitungen zwischen Repräsentation und Ergebnisorientierung – Handlungs(un)fähigkeiten und Vermittlungstaktiken. BFuP – Betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung und Praxis 69(6), 633-652.
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  17. Frost, J. & Hattke, F. (2013): University Commons: Kollektivressourcen als alternative Steuerungsperspektive für das Hochschulmanagement. HM – Hochschulmanagement, 2+3/2013, 35-40.
  18. Obermeit, K. (2012): Students’ Choice of Universities in Germany: Structure, Factors and information Sources Used. Journal of Marketing for Higher Education, 22(2), 206-230.

Books, Edited Volumes, and Special Issues

  1. Frost, J., Hattke, F. & Reihlen M. (Eds.) (2016): Multi-Level Governance in Universities: Strategy, Structure, Control. Springer International Publishing: Dordrecht.
  2. Prinz, J. & Hattke, F. (Eds.) (2016): Hochschulmanagement, Volume 11 Issue 3. UniversitätsVerlagWebler: Bielefeld.
  3. Frost, J., Hattke, F., Reihlen, M., & Wenzlaff, F. (2015): Mehrebenen-Steuerung in Universitäten. Von der professionellen Bürokratie zu kollaborativen Wissensnetzwerken. Kölner Wissenschaftsverlag: Köln.

Book Chapters

    1. Hattke, F. & Frost, J. (forthcoming): Governance of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. In: Teixeira, P. N. & Shin, J.-C. (Eds.): Encyclopedia of International Higher Education Systems and Institutions. Springer Netherlands: Dordrecht.
    1. Frost, J., Hattke, F. & Reihlen, M. (2016): Multi-Level Governance in Universities: Strategy, Structure, Control. In: Higher Education Dynamics 47, 1-15.
    1. Reihlen, M. & Wenzlaff, F. (2016): Institutional Change of European Higher Education:
      The Case of Post-War Germany. In: Higher Education Dynamics 47, 19-48.
    1. Hattke, F., Blaschke, S. & Frost, J. (2016): From Voluntary Collective Action to Organized Collaboration? The Provision of Public Goods in Pluralistic Organizations. In: Higher Education Dynamics 47, 115-140.
    2. Weiherl, J. & Frost, J. (2016): Professional and Organizational Commitment in Universities: From Judgmental to Developmental Performance Management. In: Higher Education Dynamics 47, 173-192.
    1. Bögner, I, Petersen, J. & Kieser, A. (2016): Is It Possible to Assess Progress in Science? In: Higher Education Dynamics 47, 215-231.
  1. Hattke, F., Vogel, R. & Woiwode, H. (2016): When Professional and Organizational Logics Collide: Balancing Invisible and Visible Colleges in Institutional Complexity. In: Higher Education Dynamics 47, 235-256.
  2. Hattke, F., Blaschke, S. & Frost, J. (2014): Governance Logics in Universitities. Organizational Change as Oscillating Conversations. In: Pettigrew, A., Cornuel, E. & Hommel, U. (Eds.): The Institutional Development of Business Schools. Oxford: Oxford University Press, S.69-94.
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Project Reports

  1. Frost, J., Kieser, A., Vogel, R. ,Hattke, F., Petersen,  J., Bögner, I. & Woiwode, H. (2018): IndiKon – Integrative Steuerung von Visible und Invisible Colleges: Konfigurationen von Leistungsindikatoren in der Wissenschaft. Projektbericht, Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF), 1-70.
  2. Frost, J., Reihlen, M., Blaschke, S., Hattke, F. & Wenzlaff, F. (2015): RePort: Mehrebenen-Steuerung hochschulspezifischer Ressourcen-Portfolios. Projektbericht, Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF), 1-119.

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