Impressions from Bremen WK HSM / Best Paper Award for Katrin Obermeit

On February 21st and 22nd Katrin Obermeit, Fabian Hattke, Ferdinand Wenzlaff, Johan Bronstein and myself attended the 16th Workshop for Higher Education Management at the Univesity of the Arts in Bremen.

The audience got an impression about a wide range of research on topics concerning the management of higher education institutions. The lectures dealt with philosophical-analytical topics, such as the presentation of Stefan Heinemann,who sensitized the audience for the importance of a systematic reflection on ethical questions in higher education management, conceptual works, such as the presentation of Johan Bronstein and Ferdinand Wenzlaff, who showed the audience how Literature dealing with strategic management of universities can be systemized, political problems, such as the presentation of Walter Dörhage, who presented problems that emerge out of the growing social structural heterogeneity and diversity of students, and empirical issues, such as the presentation of Fabian Hattke, who showed that the diversity of top management teams in german universities influences the chance to succeed in the “Exzellence Initiative”.

Katrin Obermeit presented her mental models of study choice. Katrin won the best paper award and can supply her colleagues at the University of Lüneburg with high-quality coffee and cacao in the next weeks. Congratulations Katrin!

On the whole it was a really inspiring workshop with a lot of interesting and fruitful discussions. We’re looking forward to the next workshop!

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