EURAM 13th Annual Conference, 26 – 29 June 2013, Istanbul

As announced earlier, we have organized a track entitled “Universities as Democratised Organisations: Bringing Organisation Research Back to University Governance” at the 13th EURAM Annual conference in Istanbul, with the conference theme “Democratising Management”. Click here for the program of our track. EURAM is one of the biggest conferences in Management and Organization Studies. Besides the circumstances in Istanbul, which some people might have convinced to cancel their coming, other tracks lacked of commitment participating the sessions. However, we faced a continuous attendance of nearly the whole group allowing intense exchange and to develop a community. Overall, the track has been a great success because of interesting presentations and discussions. And here is a small wordcloud of the submitted papers to give you an impression what Track 61 at EURAM was about..


3 thoughts on “EURAM 13th Annual Conference, 26 – 29 June 2013, Istanbul

  1. Linley

    Dear Fabian and colleagues, thanks you so much for making Euram Track 61 such a great experience. We are really looking forward to staying in touch and hope that there will be the opportunity to work together and publish the papers from this track!!!

    Regards Linley and Dorothy

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