Conference “University Governance: Impeding or Facilitating Creativity”

From 29-30 September 2016 the conference “University Governance: Impeding or Facilitating Creativity” will take place at the Royal Palace of Herrenhausen (Schloss Herrenhausen), Hannover. The conference which is arranged by Academia Europaea, INCHER Kassel and the Volkswagen Foundation deals with the relationship between governance and creativity in higher education and research, two essential requirements of research and higher education.

Researchers will present their findings dealing with issues of governance and creativity in universities and practitioners of the field of higher education leadership will contribute from their practical experiences. In addition the Nobel Prize winner for chemistry in 2014 will present his view on the topic.

The conference promises inspiring presentations and interesting discussions on a topic which is highly relevant for the academic and scientific development! Click here for the Programm and further Information.

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