CfP: Sociology of Assessment – Workshop at the University of Bremen

The Institute of empirical and applied sociology (EMPAS) of the university bremen hosts a workshop dealing with the sociology of assessment.

In the light of the increasing relevance of assessment procedures in all societal spheres several sociological approaches analyze processes and practices of assessment and related phenomenons like categorizing, comparison and measurement. These approaches can be subsumed under the umbrella term sociology of assessment.

The Initiators of the Workshop want to bring together assessment-researchers of different social scientifical contexts. They aim at stimulating a discourse between researchers of different disciplines, expanding individual research perspectives and developing a comprehensive research-agenda for a sociology of assessment.

Researchers of different contexts are welcome to submit Proposals ( 2 pages) concerning practices of assessment, organisation and assessment, society and assessment or limitations of assessment. Proposals can be submitted until 15th April 2015. For further Informations take a look at the Call for Paper.           

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