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Cfp – Annual Consortium of Higher Education Researchers

Dear all

Please find attached a quite interesting CfP organised by the Higher Education Studies Team (HIEST) at the Finnish Institute for Educational Research in cooperation with CHER.

The topic is on universities as political institution – HEIs in the middle of academic, economic and social pressures. The conference will focus on multiple and often complex relations and relationships internal and external to higher education institutions.The conference aims to open up fresh perspectives to HEIs as political institutions consisting of a variety of conflicting definitions and practices on how to organise, plan, and implement academic and managerial decisions and processes.

The conference tracks will include the following: academic work and workers; leadership and management; teaching and learning; students – admission, experience and outcomes; HEIs in society.

Abstract submission and more information on the conference website
The call for proposals is open now, deadline is March 17th.

Summer School on Higher Education

Dear PhD colleagues,

please find attached relevant information on a new relaunched summer school that will take place at the university of Jyväskylä in Finland!
The theme of this year summer school is research ethics and researchers’ social responsibility, understood in the broadest sense. The summer school addresses the big decisions faced by all PhD students in the course of their PhD: how to plan, execute and follow through a research project in an ethical manner.
The summer school provides PhD students an opportunity to present and get feedback on their own research as well as to meet senior researchers and other PhD students from the field of higher education research. The format of the summer school is based on students presenting their own papers, commenting on papers by other students and receiving feedback also from senior colleagues.

The deadline for the applications is 31st March 2017
Applicants will be notified of acceptance by 2nd of May 2017
The participants are asked to submit the full papers (3-5 pages) by 1st of August 2017
Time: 30th – 31st of August, 2017

For further information, please follow the link

IndiKon at the AoM in Anaheim

Rick Vogel, Fabian Hattke and Isabel Bögner attended the Academy of Management (AoM) from the 05.-09th August 2016 in Anaheim.

We were delighted to present one of our research projects “How influence tactics of reviewers affect authors’ trust and commitment to peer review “. We would like to thank all participants in the discussion for the valuable feedback we received.

2016 Annual Meeting Theme Image

This year´s conference slogan was “Making organizations more meaningful”. The theme covered a wide-ranging spectrum of theoretical perspectives and methods.

For PhD students AoM is an excellent forum to get to know many international researchers with whom one can interchange research ideas and learn about future research streams. I can definitely recommend it to young researchers!

All in all it was a great experience!

For further information please have a look at

CfP – Journal for Higher Education Development (ZFHE)

Dear colleagues,
We would like to inform you about a recent call for papers. The Journal for Higher Education Development (“ZFHE Zeitschrift für Hochschulentwicklung”) is a journal offering (at least) one English issue every year. Next year’s second issue is on the topic of “Structuring Doctoral Education”. It is edited by Alexandra Bitusikova (Matej Bel University), Lucy Johnson (University of Newcastle), Brigitte Lehmann (Humboldt Graduate School in Berlin), Rebekah Smith McGloin (University of Coventry) und Lucas Zinner (University of Vienna). The submission deadline for your empirical or conceptual contribution is October 28th, 2016; the publication is planned for June 2017. Please find the call online at

If you have any questions regarding the content of the issue, please do not hesitate to contact Lucas Zinner ( For technical and organizational questions, please contact

Summer School in Higher Education Research and Sciences Studies

Dear Community,
we would like to inform you about the planned summer school in September 5-9 organized by the German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW) and the Institute of Sociology at the University of Hanover!
The summer school has the aim to understand the social mechanisms of career decisions
in academia. As conditions in academia are changing due to differentiation and increasing
stratification among higher education institutions, increasing competition for resources and evaluation of achievements, increasingly precarious working conditions and a declining proportion of full or associate professors positions in the academic labour market, a couple of questions arises: Who decides to stay in academia in spite of increasingly difficult career prospects? Are diversity management and equal opportunity programs in order to increase the career chances of women successful? What determines the chances of highly qualified people in the common labour market compared to academia? For which scientists are these drop-out options attractive? How are the chances to find a good job when after 12 or 15 years of work at a university or in research projects it becomes clear that a permanent position will not be available?
There will be a mix of theoretical and methodological contents, of analyses of the German academic labour market and international comparisons. Presenters and invited keynote speakers will be from German und international higher education research and science studies.

Please apply online and sumbmit your abstract by June 24, 2016.
For further information:

Indikon at the 16th EURAM – 2 papers nominated for the Best Paper Award

The annual conference of the 16th European Academy of Management (EURAM) took place in Paris, the beautiful capital of France. Rick Vogel and I had the opportunity to present two of our current research papers:

“How Influence Tactics and Trustworthiness of Reviewers Affect Authors’ Trust and Commitment to Peer Review” by Fabian Hattke, Isabel Bögner and Rick Vogel.
“Performance Indicators in Academic Research: Do They Improve Performance?” by Rick Vogel and Fabian Hattke.

Both papers were nominated for the best paper award in SIG 09 (Organizational Behavior) and SIG 11 (Public and Non-Profit Management).
We feel honored for the nominations and are thankful for the inspiring discussion possibilities that definitely will help us to improve our actual state.
We warmly congratulate the winners Jamie Lee Gloor and Bert George, Sebastian Desmidt and Eva Cools for the prices and hope to see them again next year in Glasgow!

For further information about the conference, please have a look at EURAM 2017 Glasgow

Best Paper Award

Congratulations to our IndiKon – teammembers!

Prof. Dr. Rick Vogel, Dr. Fabian Hattke, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Alfred Kieser and Jessica Petersen received the best paper award of the 18th Workshop Scientific Commission Higher Education Management.
The workshop took place on 25. – 26. February 2016 at the Hamburg University. The paper with the title “How do Articles Differ between Higher and Lower Ranked Journals? An Exploration in Management and Business Studies” reviews and summarizes the controversy about journal rankings and the literature on success factors in academic publishing. The authors examine the question if the theoretical diversity, interdisciplinarity or methodological orientation of an article affect its probability of publication in a certain class of journals, and if so, in which direction and to what extent.

Rückblick: DGS-Sektionstagung “Einheit trotz Vielfalt”

Vom 08.10-09.10.2015 fand eine Herbsttagung der DGS-Sektion Wissenschafts- und Technikforschung in Kooperation mit dem Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (WZB) statt. Das Tagungsthema lautete „Einheit trotz Vielfalt? Die Diversität der Wissenschaft als Herausforderung für die Forschung“. Ziel der Tagung war es, verschiedene Forschungsstrategien des methodologisch anspruchsvollen Fächervergleichs einander gegenüberzustellen und die empirischen Ergebnisse mit Blick auf die soziologische Theorienbildung und forschungspolitische Praxis zu reflektieren.
Dr. Fabian Hattke und ich hatten hierbei die Möglichkeit, unser aktuelles Forschungsthema „Double Blind Peer Review vs. Open Post Publication Review – Publikationspraktiken im Fächervergleich“ vorzustellen und mit diversen Wissenschaftlern aus unterschiedlichen Communities zu diskutieren.
Neben vielen spannenden Vorträgen gab es eine Podiumsdiskussion unter anderem mit Vertretern des Wissenschaftsrats und der Volkswagen Stiftung. Während der Diskussion fiel immer wieder auf, dass Vielfalt nicht erst auf einer übergeordneten Ebene zwischen verschiedenen Fächern entsteht, sondern bereits innerhalb der eigenen Disziplingrenzen. Mit dieser Komplexität umzugehen, stellt auch bei einer Evaluation von Forschungsergebnissen eine besondere Herausforderung dar, die nicht unterschätzt werden sollte. An diesem und weiteren Gedanken möchten wir bei unseren nächsten Forschungsschritten gerne anschließen.

CfP: Macht (in) der Wissenschaft: Kritische Interventionen in Wissensproduktion und Gesellschaft 13.-14. November 2015

Wissensproduktion und gesellschaftliche Transformation sind eng miteinander verbunden: Bei der Deutung und Kritik sozialer, wirtschaftlicher, ökologischer und politischer Entwicklungen wird der Wissenschaft eine Schlüsselrolle zugeschrieben. Indes ist Wissenschaft nie losgelöst von ihren gesellschaftlichen Kontexten und den darin verankerten Macht- und Herrschaftsverhältnissen denkbar. Gesellschaftskritik und Wissenschaft zu verbinden bedeutet daher auch, jene Verfahren zu reflektieren, die zur Analyse sozialer Phänomene eingesetzt werden und die letztlich die Grundlage für Gesellschaftskritik seitens der Wissenschaft darstellen. Wissenschaftliche Erkenntnismethoden konstituieren oder verändern einerseits den Forschungsgegenstand und bedingen andererseits die Art von Wissen, die produziert wird. Die ontologische und epistemologische Struktur von Wissensgenese ist nicht gegeben, sondern durch gesellschaftliche Herrschaftsverhältnisse bedingt. Dies wirft grundsätzliche Fragen auf: In welcher Form und auf welchen normativen Grundlagen kann Wissenschaft Kritik an der Gesellschaft und Gesellschaft Kritik an der Wissenschaft üben? Wie lassen sich kritische Perspektiven auf die Rolle der Wissenschaft in gesellschaftlichen Prozessen entwickeln? Welche Rolle spielt dabei die methodologische und ethische Reflexion der eigenen Vorgehensweisen? Ist Forschungsethik ein adäquates Instrument, um historisch gewachsene und normalisierte Macht- und Herrschaftsverhältnisse zu hinterfragen und aufzubrechen? […]
Deadline für die Einreichung: 01. Juli 2015

Quelle des Auszugs und Informationen:

CfP: Working Papers in Higher Education Studies (WPHES)

We would like to inform you about a new call for papers in higher education studies.

WPHES is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access e-journal of working papers, stemming from the Erasmus Mundus Programme Master in Research and Innovation in Higher Education (MaRIHE) and the Master Programme in Higher Education Studies and Development (MHESD). The series intends to stimulate debate and exchange of research ideas that are in an early stage of development.
WPHES focuses on studies in higher education, and publishes research articles that explore the topic from a broad array of academic disciplines, methodologies, and perspectives. They particularly encourage submissions of research that discuss current changes and interactions within the ‘knowledge triangle’ of research, innovation and higher education. Suggestions for special issues on particular topics as well as contributions in the form of book reviews are also welcome.
While authors from any stage of their career are welcome for submission, the series intends to incorporate and develop papers from emerging authors, providing a space for post-graduate students, early-career researchers, academics and young professionals to present their ‘works in progress’ to a broad readership and connect with established experts.
Full papers for the next issue should be submitted by 30 April 2015. Submissions should be made via our website and adhere to the prescribed style guidelines.
Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact


Vom 24.09.2014 bis zum 26.09.2014 findet ein „Distinguished Scholars Seminar“ am Lehrstuhl von David Seidl in Zürich statt. Die Veranstaltung beinhaltet das Thema „Institutional Theory“. Jessica Petersen und ich werden aus dem Team Indikon daran teilnehmen und freuen uns bereits jetzt schon sehr auf den wissenschaftlichen Input! Dabei wird für uns die Frage im Vordergrund stehen, wie wir Aspekte des Institutionalismus aufgreifen und in unsere Forschungsarbeiten einbauen können.
Die Woche darauf reisen wir zum 8. International Research Workshop (IRWS) nach Sankelmark und Sonderburg. Hierbei wird es um das Erlernen der statistischen Software R gehen. Tipps zum schnelleren Umgang mit diesem Programm sind jederzeit willkommen.