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Anouncement: KTT Conference April 2016

Guido Bünstorf, Georg Krücken, and Christian Schneijderberg are organizing a conference on “Academic entrepreneurship and knowledge transfer.” It takes place on 11-12 April 2016, in the Science Park of the University of Kassel, Germany. See the full program here.

CfP: WK HSM Higher Education Management

We’re hosting the upcoming conference of the scientific commission higher education management (Wissenschaftliche Kommission Hochschulmanagement im VHB) on February 25-26 2016 in Hamburg.

Abstracts (max. 1000 words excluding references) of articles dealing with the management of higher education institutions can be submitted until December 14th 2015. Among the areas of interest are:

  • New forms of governance of universities
  • Measurability of research performance
  • Open access, social media, and ctizen science
  • Peer evaluation, performance indicators, and rankings
  • Autonomy of science

For further information see the call for papers (only in German).

Higher Education Journals List

I recently found a blog that provides a list of higher rducation journals. Although its last update seems to be in 2011, the list provides valuable information on journals’ publishers, impact factors, word limits, covered areas, and acceptance rates. Thanks to the Early Career Higher Education Researchers (ECHER) network for compiling the list.

Book published: “Mehrebenen-Steuerung in Universitäten”

Jetta Frost, Markus ReihlenMehrebenensteuerung, Ferdinand Wenzlaff and I just published our book on multi-level governance in universities. It summarizes the main results from our project “RePort” which ended in late 2014. In the book, we analyze how external governance of science determines internal coordination mechanisms. For that purpose, we detail university governance on a macro (strategies to cope with the institutional environment), a meso (structures and processes), and a micro level of analysis (behavior control). The book is in German and published by the Kölner Wissenschaftsverlag. You can order it here. Since the threefold framework (macro-meso-micro) proved to be very useful, we are also working on an edited volume in English using the same structure.

CHESS Talk @ University of Zurich

As reported before, I am currently visiting the Center for Higher Education and Science Studies at the University of Zurich. On October 7th, I will give a talk, titled “Governing universities between profession and organization”. It is concerned with the development of science studies and higher education research and reports on our latest research results. Attendance is free and visitors are welcome! You’ll find the announcement here (only in German).

List of predatory publishers and journals

In his post, Rick already reported on the problem of fake science in predatory journals. After being contacted by a dubios publisher, I came across a blog on scholarly open access that provides a list of predatory publishers. The blog seems pretty reliable to me, so it may be worth checking the comprehensive list in case you have doubts about the trustworthiness of a publication opportunity. It also provides excellent information about open access in general.

CfP: 10th International EUREDOCS Ph.D. Workshop

EUREDOCS is a network of European doctoral students working on issues related to the Europeanization of higher education and research. It is sponsored by several European higher education research institutes and aims to facilitate and enable more communication among doctoral students in the field. The 10th workshop will take place on 27-28 May 2016 at the Society for Research into Higher Education in London. Deadline for submission of proposals is on 11 January 2016. Find the full call for proposals here.

Center for Higher Education and Science Studies @ UZH

I’m currently visiting the Center for Higher Education and Science Studies (CHESS) at the University of Zurich (UZH). Founded in 2014, the interdisciplinary center brings together fourteen scholars from business and economics, media research and journalism, pedagogy and educational research, history of economics and of education, social psychology, sociology, and public policy.

As the Mananing Director Bernhard Nievergelt states, the CHESS is a reaction to meet the new challenges for higher education governance that universities face due to changing institutional demands. It concentrates respective research efforts at UZH and facilitates exchange through talks and workshops. In the future, the center shall also provide academic training for students and practitioners. The CHESS is, thus, an important step towards etablishing science studies at European universities and part of the trend to professionalize higher education management. I’m grateful for the opportunity to visit the center and thank Katja Rost for supporting my stay.

CfP: 18th International Conference on Higher Education

Here’s a call for contributions for the 18th International Conference on Higher Education. The scholarly conference provides an interdisciplinary forum for researchers, practitioners and educators to discuss recent trends and and developments in the field of higher education. All accepted papers are published in conference proceedings and can be submitted for publication in a special issue. The conference takes place on April 19-20, 2016 in Boston. Submission deadline is October 19, 2015. For more information, visite the conference’s website.

CfP: German Association for Higher Education Research (GfHf)

The 11th Annual Conference of the German Association for Higher Education Research (Gesellschaft für Hochschulforschung GfHf) has announced its call for papers. The conference takes place on April 06-08 2016 at the Bavarian State Institute for Higher Education Studies and Planning (IHF).

The main theme is “New forms of governance in universities and research institutes: Current state of research and future perspectives”. Sub themes are (1) Opportunities and limitations of state involvement (2) External governance (3) Academic self-governance (4) Hierarchical self-governance (5) Competition.

Abstracts (500 Words) shall be submitted until December 8th 2015 to Find the full call for papers here (in German).

Strike against “grant capture targets” at Birmingham University?

As reported by the Times Higher Education, the pressure on academics to raise external funding may cause a labor dispute. In September, scholars of Birmingham University will decide on whether they go on strike to fight against “the imposition of grant capture as a generic duty and disciplinary necessity”. While third party funding becomes more and more important in German universities, the UK is already more involved in actions related to “New Public Management”. Let’s hope Germany and other European countries can seize a “late mover’s advantage” and do not make the same mistake as the UK by putting too much economic pressures on scholars. Stefan Grimm’s tragic fate should remind us that there’s more to science than “bring your own buck”.

Summer School of Science Studies and Higher Education Research

The first German Summer School of Science Studies and Higher Education Research takes place on September 14-18th 2015 at Humboldt University, Berlin. It is the opening of a series of events, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.This year’s overall topic is “Quality expectations in scientific knowledge production and from academic institutions”. Here’s the call for applications and the school’s website (only in German). The school adresses PhD and master students with respective research interests. Deadline for applications is on July 15th (first come first serve).

CfP: The Higher Education Conference @ Amsterdam

On July 13-15th 2016, several European societies for higher education research (see GfHf for the German pendant) are organizing a conference at Amsterdam. Here’s a short abstract:

“Given the multi-level nature of the issues at stake within higher education, representatives of major EU and US networks of higher education researchers decided to combine their expertise and organize this joint conference in the Summer of 2016 at the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. Also a number of national higher education associations are actively involved. Particular purpose of this conference is to unite the macro, meso and micro levels of higher education research, therefore covering the scholarship of learning, teaching and organizing.”

Submission deadline is January 15th 2016. See the website for more information.

(4) Zur Zukunft der Wissenschaftsforschung in Deutschland

Die Gesellschaft für Hochschulforschung (GfHf) e.V. hat ein Positionspapier zur Lage und Zukunft der Hochschulforschung in Deutschland verabschiedet. Neben einer Kurzdarstellung der gegenwärtigen Situation der Hochschulforschung in Deutschland beinhaltet das Papier Kernziele zur Weiterentwicklung des Forschungsfelds. Das Positionspapier kann unterzeichnet werden.

CfP: Special Issue in Strategic Organization

The journal “Strategic Organization” announced a call for papers for a special issue on “Strategic Management Theory and Universities.” Guest editors are Donald Siegel and David Teece. Deadline for submission of manuscripts is December 31st 2015. See the call for papers for more details.

Research Collaboration at CERN: Truly Another Dimension

Research collaborations are getting more and more important in contemporary sciences. An article from the CERN research institute recently published in nature, now probably sets a record. It is titled “Observation of the rare Bs0 →µ+µ− decay from the combined analysis of CMS and LHCb data” and gives reference to over 3.000 authors (yes, in words: three thousand).

According to the disclaimer: “All authors have contributed to the publication, being variously involved in the design and the construction of the detectors, in writing software, calibrating sub-systems, operating the detectors and acquiring data and finally analysing the processed data.” Well, congratulations to this piece of work!

Forthcoming articles

The following studies on the practical relevance of management research and on university governance have been accepted for publication:

Alfred Kieser, Alexander Nicolai, and David Seidl develop a research program to investigate how the results of scientific research are utilized in management practice. Forthcoming as “The Practical Relevance of Management Research. Turning the Debate on Relevance into a Rigorous Scientific Research Program” in The Academy of Management Annals.

Bernadette Bullinger, Alfred Kieser, and Simone Schiller-Merkens find rigour and relevance to be embedded in competing institutional logics. Their forthcoming article “Coping with Institutional Complexity: Responses of Management Scholars to Competing Logics in the Field of Management Studies” will be published in the Scandinavian Journal of Management.

Following upper echelon theory, Steffen Blaschke and myself analyze how diversity of top management teams in universities relates to improved performance in terms of academic reputation and grant acquisition. The article “Striving for Excellence: The Role of Top Management Team Diversity in Universities” is forthcoming in a special issue of Team Performance Management.

CfP: Conference on Academic Entrepreneurship, and Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Attached, you find the call for papers for a conference at International Centre for Higher Education Research, University of Kassel, Germany. It takes place on April 11th-12th, 2016 and is organized by Guido Bünstorf, Georg Krücken, and Christian Schneijderberg. Confirmed Keynote Speakers are Aldo Geuna (Torino) and Walter W. Powell (Stanford).

Deadline for submission of abstracts (500 to 1000 words) is October 05th, 2015.