CfP for special issue: are scholars public service motivated?

We are editing a Special Issue of the International Journal of Manpower on “Human Resource Management and Public Service Motivation”. Public Service Motivation (PSM) is defined as an “individual’s predisposition to respond to motives grounded primarily or uniquely in public institutions and organizations” (Perry & Wise, 1990, p. 368). Given this definition, it seems reasonable that scholars have high levels of PSM. For example, the “commitment to public interest” dimension of PSM seems to correspond to the norm of communism (i.e., scholars share their work with their invisible college for the common good) in the Mertonian sociology of science. However, we still know little about the antecedents and consequences of PSM in higher education organizations. For example, how does PSM moderate the relationship between performance measurement and scientific misconduct? If you have ongoing work in this or closely related fields, please consider a submission to our Special Issue. You find the Call for Papers here.

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