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The European Higher Education Society invites to the 37th Annual EAIR Forum in Krems

From Sunday 30 August 2015 until Wednesday 2 September 2015 the Danube University of Krems is hosting  the 37th Annual EAIR Forum in Krems, Austria.

The theme of the 2015 EAIR Krems Forum is “From here to there: Positioning Higher Education Institutions”. It will address the importance of positioning higher education institutions for the future and deal inter alia with strategic profiling and new types of institutions in higher education.

Researchers, managers, administrators and policy makers are invited to submit proposals for presentations and posters that should be designed to contribute to one of the seven tracks dealing inter alia with governance and leadership and institutional research.

Informations about how to submit proposals, the focus of the tracks and the programme commitee can be found here and in this PDF.

Paper proposals can be subimtted until Monday 9 February 2015 (23:59 hrs. CET).

Keywords in Organization and Management Studies II

As reported in my last post, we’re currently analyzing keywords of articles in organization and management journals. I used wordle to provide a first visual summary for our blog. The “top500” wordcloud detailed hardly any methods. The new wordcloud below is exclusively based on keywords with methodological classifications and shows their “top250” terms. It seems, stochastic models and regression analyses are most frequently indexed.


Keywords in Organization and Management Studies I

Wordclouds are a nice a tool to visualize textual information. We already used it to summarize the papers of our EURAM track, and the abstracts of our workshops at Hamburg, and Lüneburg.

Our current bibliometric study includes over 85.000 articles from approx. 170 management journals published between 2000 and 2013. The wordcloud below shows the top 500 keywords used in these articles. In the end, it looks like studying organization and management is all about performance. Related concepts, e.g. firm performance or competitive advantage are also among the top 500. Another important subject includes keywords such as knowledge, information, technology, and innovation. Behavioral constructs, e.g. trust, satisfaction, or commitment are also among the most visible attributes of articles, although of less significance. Methods are hardly indexed in the top 500 wordcloud.


Welcome to Hamburg: Rick and Jessica

Better to report it late than never: Rick Vogel has been appointed the Chair of Public Management at Hamburg University. As of January 1st 2015, Rick and Jessica strenghten our community here in northern Germany. We give them a warm welcome (we wanted to… honestly, weather was rather cold and rainy) and wish them all the best in their academic endeavours!