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3. Wissenschaftscafe des "Kompetenzzentrum Nachhaltige Universität" (KNU)

Am 25. Juni findet ein Wissenschaftscafe an der Universität Hamburg statt zum Thema “Leistungsmessung in der Wissenschaft – Wozu und wenn ja, wie?” Eingangsstatements von Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Margit Osterloh und Prof. Dr. Dieter Lenzen leiten die Diskussion ein. Hier geht’s zur Einladung und Anmeldung.

Papers for this year’s EGOS conference (or: The evolution of paper titles)

As you might have noticed, our blog has become somewhat quiet recently. But the hot summer is not the (only) reason.. During the past weeks, we’ve been busy crafting our papers for this year’s EGOS conference.

As you’ll know from your own experience, the title of a short paper may change significantly when it is developed towards a full paper. The story gets a new twist, is enlarged or further condensed, theoretical constructs may change, and conceptual frameworks are specified. And sometimes empirical observations just won’t tell the story you’ve expected in the first place..

So here’s the list of our short and full paper titles:

Short: Organizational responses to evaluations, rankings and performance indicators – Evidence from French and German universities. Full: Organizational Responses to Institutional Complexity – Evidence from French and German Universities.

Short: How Rankings Impede Scientific Progress. Full: What Makes Journals Highly Ranked? A Bibliometric Analysis of Management and Organization Studies.

Short: University commons: An empirical analysis of collective resources in German universities. Full: Organizing Collective Action? An Empirical Analysis of Common Goods in German Universities.